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The MicroFuse® Rapid Rate Infuser is intended for

intravenous infusion of adenosine. It is designed to deliver

a “full” syringe dose over 6 minutes. The

MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser delivers reliable, continuous

infusion over the prescribed duration.

MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infusers are:

• Durable – solid body construction with secure motor


• Easy-to-use – simple push-button controls

• Portable – lightweight and slender profile

• Reliable – low maintenance, with built-in safety features

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Syringe Compatibility

The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser is compatible with

Becton-Dickinson® (B-D), Monoject® and Terumo®

disposable syringes. Typical syringes for Adenoscan®

(adenosine) are B-D 30 or 60 cc, Monoject 60 cc, or

Terumo 30 or 60 cc.

The infuser operates on two standard alkaline C-cell

batteries. The syringe holder secures the syringe in place.

Once the infuser is turned ON, the syringe driver arm

depresses the plunger at a fixed rate, administering the

contents of the syringe through the extension tubing and

into the patient access site. A microprocessor control

operates at a constant delivery rate, and can infuse

syringe contents against a back pressure of ± 100 mm Hg.

The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser infuses at one of two

pre-set flow rates. RATE 1 infuses a “full” syringe over 6

minutes. RATE 2 infuses a “full” syringe over 8.4 minutes.

If RATE 1 is set to deliver 140 mcg/kg/min of adenosine,

RATE 2 will slow the dose to 100 mcg/kg/min.

The MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser has a full complement of

alarms that signal: end of infusion, occlusion detection,

low battery, maintenance required and internal

malfunction. Alarms are indicated by flashing status lights

and an audible chime. NOTE: Audible alarms may be

placed in MUTE mode by pressing Alarm Mute switch for

two Operating Procedures

Follow accepted IV therapy techniques and procedures

when setting up and administering intermittent IV therapy

with the MicroFuse Rapid Rate Infuser. Refer to drug

manufacturer’s guidelines.

A. Setup

1. Remove air from the syringe.

2. Calculate the correct volume of adenosine for a 140

mcg/kg/min dose, using the chart provided by Astellas

Pharma Inc. or other manufacturers.

3. Draw up the adenosine solution in one of the following


a. Use a B-D 30 mL or Terumo 30 mL syringe for doses

up to 30 mL For patients up to 231 pounds at 840

mcg/kg total dose using 3 mg/mL adenosine.

b. Use a B-D or Monoject 60 mL syringe for 30 to 45 mL

doses (may be used for all doses up to 45 mL by

following step 4 below).

For patients up to 353 pounds at 840 mcg/kg

total dose using 3 mg/mL adenosine.

c. Use a Terumo 60 cc syringe for doses up to 51 mL

For patients up to 400 pounds at 840 mcg/kg total

dose using 3 mg/mL adenosine.

4. Add additional normal saline to the same syringe for:

a. 30 mL total volume in the B-D 30 mL syringe

b. 45 mL total volume in either the B-D 60 mL or

Monoject 60 mL syringe

c. 51 mL total volume in the Terumo 60 cc syringe full seconds.

B. Install Syringe

1. Load the syringe into the infuser by sliding it

underneath the syringe barrel holder. Alternately, pull

open the barrel holder and place the syringe on the infuser.

2. Position the syringe barrel flange in the syringe barrel

flange slot on the infuser body.

3. Position the syringe plunger in the slot on the syringe

driver arm.

C. Set Up Tubing

1. Attach small bore tubing to the syringe.


2. Prime the tubing

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