NIKON SMZ-1 Microscope Stereoscope Binocular with One Eyepiece


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Notes on handling the instruments 

  1. Installation Location

Note the following points when installing the stereoscopic microscope. 

  • Install the microscope in a location with the temperature between 0 Degrees C and 40 Degrees C, and humidity of less than 80%. If installed in a hot humid location, mold could form on the lenses or condensation could form inside, resulting in a deterioration of performance or damage to the microscope. 

  • Install the microscope in a location that is not subject to vibration.

  • Install the microscope in a level location. 

  • Install the microscope in a location that is free of dust and dirt. 

  1. Handle the microscope gently 

The stereoscopic microscope is a precision optical instrument. Handle it carefully, and do not subject it to impacts. 

  1. Do not disassemble 

Disassembly may cause damage to the instrument. Never disassemble any part except as described in this manual. If you notice any malfunction in this instrument, notify your nearest Nikon representative. 

  1. Lens cleaning

Do not get dust, fingerprints, etc., on the lenses. Dirt on the lenses will adversely affect the view of the image. If any of the lenses get dirty, clean them as described below. 

  • Use an air blower to blow away dust. If that does not suffice, brush away the dust with a soft brush, or else wipe it away with gauze. 

  • Only if there are fingerprints or grease on a lens, dampen a piece of soft, clean cotton cloth, lens tissue, or gauze with absolute alcohol (ethyl alcohol or methyl alcohol) and wipe away the dirt. However, do not wipe more than once with the same place on the cloth. 

  • Because absolute alcohol is highly flammable, be careful in handling them especially around open flames. 

  • Observe the manufacturer’s cautions in handling absolute alcohol. 

  1. Cleaning painted components

Do not use organic solvents (such as alcohol, ether, or paint thinner) on painted components, plastic components. Doing so could result in discoloration or in the peeling of painted characters. If a component is very dirty, wipe it gently with gauze dampened in a mild detergent. 

  1. Storage 

Store the stereoscopic microscope under conditions of low humidity where mold is not likely to form. 

Put a vinyl cover over the equipment to protect it from dust. 

  1. Regular inspections

Regular inspections of the microscope are recommended in order to maintain peak performance. 

Contact your nearest Nikon representative for details about regular inspections.


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