Olympus EVIS CLV-U40 Universal Light Source System


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The CLV-U40 light source…A new vision of endoscopic excellence

You have always relied on us for the finest endoscopic equipment available…now OLYMPUS brings you the most advanced endoscopic equipment to date: the EVIS 140 series. Our newest addition to the OLYMPUS family of products combines an unsurpassed standard of optics with easier reprocessing for optimum performance and safety you can depend on. Today and tomorrow, OLYMPUS brings you VISIONARY IMAGING.

Complete compatibility with all scopes

The CLV-U40 is a universal light source for use with all OLYMPUS endoscopes. By actuating the Mode Selector, the light source can be set for any scope__from the EVIS 100, 130, 140, and 200 Series videoscopes to the OES fiberscopes and all rigid endoscopes.

300W Xenon Light Source

Provides approximately 1.5x greater light intensity for clearer, more vivid images to enhance detailed observation. (Only in combination with 200 series scopes.)

Optimum Light Density Adjustment for Video Taping

Automatically selects the ideal sensitivity required. Manual override offers variable adjustment by the endoscopist.

Automatic Exposure Control for Still Photography

Automatically sets light source at the optimum exposure for still or Polaroid photography. Manual override gives the endoscopist complete control of this function.


Built-In Emergency Lamp

The CLV-U40 system includes a built-in 150W Halogen emergency lamp which is automatically actuated in the event of Xenon lamp failure.


Malfunction Indicator

Any malfunction in the emergency system triggers the panel light malfunction indicator.


Transillumination Feature

Increases illumination to allow confirmation of target area from outside the body. Automatically returns to original setting after approximately 7 seconds.



Remote, Foot Operated Control

Provides “Hands-Free” operation of ancillary equipment

Variable Air Control

Regulates air pressure and water feed pressure to one of four settings: High, Medium, Low, or Off

Control Panel

Permits ease of use and maintenance. Flat membrane switches are easy to actuate and wipe clean

Set Point Memory

Maintains established settings even when power is switched off

AUTO/MANUAL Exposure Selection

Select appropriate manual exposure for still photographs, or place in automatic mode to autoregulate as required. Sensitivity selector manually adjusts to desired exposure level

AUTO/MANUAL Brightness Selection

Manually select desired level of illumination, or place in automatic mode to auto-regulate as required. Sensitivity selector manually adjusts to desired intensity level


Press to elevate illumination in order to highlight target area external of the torso. Automatically returns to normal setting in approximately 7 seconds

Emergency Lamp

150W Halogen lamp actuates automatically in the event of Xenon lamp failure

Filter selection

Manually select filter 1, 2, or none

Exposure Compensation

Allows +2 to -2 EV (exposure value) adjustment at 1/2 EV increments to regulate exposure as required

Automatic Light Reduction

Automatically dims light intensity when scope is removed from CLV-U40 to protect patient and operator

Lamp Life Meter

Indicate approximate cumulative working hours of Xenon lamp

Full Compatibility

CLV-U40 is compatible with all the range of endoscopes from OES fiberscopes to EVIS 100, 130, 140 and 200 series videoscopes

Independent Safety Requirement

Meets IEC601-1 International Standard for Medical Equipment, Part 1: General Requirement for Safety. UL544 Standard for Safety: Medical and Dental Equipment



Still Photography

Exposure control

Auto/Manual: time control by LIGHT SOURCE shutter

Shutter speed

1/4 to 1/50 sec

Shortest recycle time

1 sec.

Exposure light amount

Flash output (approx. 1.5 times visual light output)

Automatic exposure sensitivity setting

9 steps: 1 step 1/2 EV. Exposure decreases from INDEX “1” to “5” (or from “+2” to “-2”)

Manual exposure sensitivity setting

10 steps: 1 step 1/2 EV, except for 1 EV between “F” and “1”.

 Air Feeding


Linear type pump

Pressure Switching

1-level switching (“OFF”, “LOW”, “MED”, “HIGH”)


At OUTPUT socket • High: less than 0.05MP (at flow rate 0) • Medium: more than 1.6l/min. (at 0.09MPa) • Low: 0.0075~0.015MPa (at flow rate 0)

Water Feeding


Air pressurization of WATER CONTAINER (detachable)

Indication on the Front Panel

Emergency lamp

Indication of Absent lamp, Burnout or in operation


Setting of filter: 1, 2 or None

Memorization of selected setting

Selected setting are retained even when the LIGHT SOURCE is switched off, by internal battery



Xenon short-arc lamp (ozone-free) 300W

Lamp Iife

Approx. 300 hours on continuous use, (over 20000 flashes) • On intermittent use the lamp life may differ slightly.


Switching regulator

Light output adjustment

Light-path diaphragm control


Forced-air cooling

Color conversion

Possible by using exchangeable filter (filter “2”)

Emergency lamp

Halogen lamp (without mirror) 24V 150W

Visual Observation

• Videoscope

• Video

Emergency lamp life

Approx. 500 hours.

Automatic brightness Adjustment 

Servodiaphragm method

Automatic exposure setting

17 steps: 1 step 1/4 EV (F; full admission) Exposure decreases from INDEX NUMBER “F” to “5”.

Classification (Electro-medical equipment)

Type of protection against electric shock

Class 1

Degree of protection against electric shock

Type BF (Body Floating)

Degree of protection against explosion

The LIGHT SOURCE should be kept away from the zone of risk of flammable gases.

Power Requirements



Voltage fluctuation

Within ±10%



Frequency fluctuation

Within ±1Hz

Input current

3A (at observation)4A (at flash)

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure

700–1060 hPa







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