SonoSite 180 Plus Portable Ultrasound System Docking Cart and Transducer


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The SonoSite system has various configurations and features. All are described in this manual but not every option may apply to your system. System features are dependent on your system configuration, transducer and exam type.

The SonoSite system is a portable, software-controlled, ultrasound system. It has an all-digital architecture. It is used to acquire and display high-resolution, real-time, 2D, color power Doppler (CPD), directional color power Doppler (DCPD), Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), M-mode, pulsed wave (PW) Doppler, and continuous wave (CW) Doppler ultrasound images. The system has electrocardiography (ECG), cine review, image zoom, labeling, biopsy, measurements and calculations, serial connection for image transfer, image storage and review, printing and recording with the capability of archiving Doppler with audio output to a videotape. The system setup also has a selection to support optical character recognition (OCR) of the English character set for time, date, patient name, and patient identification. The OCR screen characters are optimized for use with the ALI NewPORT DICOM image capture station peripheral available from ALI. For more information about the ALI NewPORT 2.1, see the ALI NewPORT 2.1 Image Capture Station User’s Guide.

Currently, the system supports the following transducers:

  • C8/8-5 MHz 8-mm micro curved array

  • C11/7-4 MHz 11-mm microcurved array

  • C15/4-2 MHz 15-mm micro curved array

  • C60/5-2 MHz 60-mm curved array

  •  HST/10-5 MHz 25-mm linear array

  • ICT/7-4 MHz 11-mm intracavitary array

  •  L25/10-5 MHz 25 mm linear array

  •  L38/10-5 MHz 38-mm linear array

System accessories include a SiteStand® mobile docking station, flat panel display, VCR bracket for SiteStand, SiteCharge® dual battery charger, a power adapter, a battery, ECG cable, video and printer cables, audio cable, SiteLink image manager software, Basic Stand, CRT Stand, ScanPack quick access carrier, Grab and Go Carrying Case, and SitePack® protective carry pack.

System peripherals include medical grade (conforming to the requirements of EN60601-1) and non-medical (commercial) grade products. System medical grade peripherals include an external color monitor, video printers, and VCR. System non-medical grade peripherals include a digital video recorder, a battery charger, a lithium-ion battery, printer, and a handheld monitor. Use of peripherals is covered in the manufacturers’ instructions, which accompany each peripheral.

Conventions Used on System

The software that runs the system uses graphic display elements similar to those used in many personal computers. System symbols and terms are explained in the “Glossary”.

If a menu item or icon is selectable, then the menu item or icon is light gray. If a menu item or icon is not selectable, then the menu item or icon is dark gray. The active menu item or icon is green.

About the System Software

Your SonoSite system contains software that controls its operation. From time to time, SonoSite may provide new software for use with your system. This software is provided using a software update module or a transducer. This software is either required or optional. A single module or transducer can be used to update one or more systems.

When the new software is required, you must install it if you wish to use the new software features (e.g., new transducer). If you choose not to install it, you must remove the transducer and replace it with one that is compatible with the software that is currently installed in your system.

When the software is optional, you can either install it or choose to use your existing software. If you choose not to install the software, the system will prompt you again whenever the system is started, and whenever the transducer is disconnected and then reconnected to the system.

Software Licensing

Use of the software that you receive from SonoSite is controlled by a license key. A license key is a number sequence containing exactly 12 decimal digits.

License keys are obtained from SonoSite or from its authorized representatives. You must obtain one key for each system that will use the new software. See “Obtaining a License Key” on page 11 for information on obtaining a license key.

Software that you receive from SonoSite may be installed and will operate for a short period of time without requiring a valid license key. We refer to this period of time as the “grace period.” The grace period is variable.

When you first install your software, your SonoSite system will prompt you for a license key. If you have not yet obtained a valid license key, you can elect to use the software as long as the grace period time has not been fully consumed. We refer to this mode of operation as “running in the grace period.”

When a system is running in the grace period, all system functions are available. As you use the system, the grace period is slowly consumed. When the grace period has expired, the system will not be usable until a valid license key has been entered. Grace period time is not consumed while the system is powered off or when it is in “sleep” mode. Whenever a system is running in the grace period, the grace period time remaining is available on the license update screen. For information on displaying this screen

Caution:     When the grace period expires, all system functions except for licensing will become unavailable until a valid license key is entered into the system.

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